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Therapy Rooms

Therapy Rooms

Our Therapy Rooms feature activities and layouts designed with kids of all ages and activity levels in mind.

All therapy rooms feature a whiteboard and a toy organizer that has building blocks, magnetic sand, games, sqishmellows, and fidget toys.

Our rooms purposefully have no coffee tables in them, or any smelly scents.

Everything in every office is breakable - We try to reduce parenting and child guilt of having an active kid in our offices.

Blue Room
Blue Room.jpg

The Blue Room

This therapy room has soft, child-sized couch with a floor full of liquid floor tiles that move whenever you step on them! 

The small toy organizer with activities including games, building bricks, fidget toys, and a weighted blanket.


Fort Room

The Fort Room

This therapy room features a fort-building couch that can be built for adults to sit on or changed into a fort for kids to play in. 

We also have a play tent for kids who feel more comfortable in smaller spaces.

We also have a wall of board games - both collaborative and competitive - along with magnetic toys to put on the whiteboard, a play rug, play tracks, and play cars.   


Fort Room.jpg
Teen Room
Teen Room_2.jpg
Teen Room_2.jpg

The Teen Room

This room features two sitting areas - one of comfortable chairs in a back wall, and a set of gaming chairs that rock.

The comfortable chairs have pull-out drawers that hold card & board games, adult and child coloring  books, fidget toys, and a blanket.

The main feature of this room is the use of color changing lights overhead so there is not a need for harsh lighting.

A second feature of this room is the use of a speaker and an app to allow for calming music to play during sessions.


Boring Room

The Boring Room

Also known as the parent meeting room, this room features more adult-sized furniture, along with a child-sized comfy chair.


The toy organizer in this room has building blocks, magnetic sand, and coloring books.

We also have a child-sized table and chairs in this room. This room serves as the Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) room, where parents interact with their child while the therapist is behind a one-way mirror .


All Purpose Room_2.jpg
Waiting Room

Waiting Room

Our Waiting Room was designed with parents and kids in mind. 

Our waiting room features a row of books for parents to read if you are looking for more information about ADHD, Autism, and resources on Anxiety and stress, IEP and 504 plans, sleep, eating behavior.  I also have a coffee maker with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate right outside of the waiting room. Please help yourself :)

The waiting room also has toys for kids of all ages - building block, magnetic tiles, board games, child books, coloring books (including a reverse coloring book), sticker by number books, and fidget toys.  We also have light diffusers to decrease the harsh light here.

We also feature a fish tank as a way to help engage some children with shorter attention spans or stress.  Please note we do not have a tv or video game system in our waiting room, but please feel free to bring your own electronics if you want your child to use one while they wait.

Everything in the waiting room is breakable - We try to reduce parenting and child guilt of having an active kid in our offices.

The Waiting Room

Waiting Room toys.jpg
Waiting room open.jpg
Office Walkthough

Office Walkthrough

Here we provide a walkthrough of how to get to our office, and what you can expect to see once you get here!


1834 Oregon Pike - View of Building from Oregon Pike

The building is right across the street from McDonalds

The building is right across the street from McDonalds

Parking for this building is off of Municipal Drive.

We have ample lighted parking.

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