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Therapy should be an

I take on a limited number of clients  at any given time so I can provide each client the individual attention they deserve.

I've worked in various settings. Feeling the pressure of having a jam-packed schedule does not do my client's justice.  I'd rather have fewer clients on my caseload and spend more time processing our sessions, what my clients need, and where my clients are in the therapy process to provide more targeted thoughtful interventions at each session that are more likely to result in meaningful change.

Enjoy a welcome gift ... from us, to you!


Children will be given their own therapy notebook with a folder to help keep track of their therapy materials

Adults will be given their own therapy notebook and pen to document all of their successes


And don't be surprised if you receive a personalized card from your therapist when you reach your treatment goals and complete therapy. It's a huge accomplishment that needs to be celebrated!

We also offer beverages including hot teas from Paris, freshly brewed coffee, and bottled water


We also have a number of fidget toys available for clients to use during sessions

Did You Know..?

...that people with ADHD may learn better when they are active? Research shows that some children with ADHD use movement as a way to increase their arousal level, potentially so they can better engage in important functions (like focus and memory; see Rapport et al., 2009).



Rapport, M.D., Bolden, J., Kofler, M.J., Sarver, D.E., Raiker, J.S., & Alderson, M.  (2009).  Hyperactivity in Boys with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A Ubiquitous Core Symptom or Manifestation of Working Memory Deficits? Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 37, 521-534.

"You have the best manipulatives."   - Therapist colleague, 2019 

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Member of the Pennsylvania Psychologist Association 

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