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Why might a child with ADHD focus or sit still in situations outside of the house, then be very active when at home?

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Why is it so difficult to talk to my child when they are mad?

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refers to difficulties with maintaining focus and attention, and/or acting quickly without thinking and having overall high energy levels.

As a result...

Children with ADHD may experience difficulties with:

Doing what they are told (compliance)

School work

Completing tasks

Controlling their anger



Social skills

Peer friendships

Relationships with adults

Poor self-esteem

Adjusting to change or transitions

Teens with ADHD may also experience difficulties with:

Planning and/or initiating long-term projects

Taking their medication (medication adherence)

Effective communication

Organization skills


If you or your child are struggling with any of these issues


And the good news is



Therapy. Treatment involves a brief assessment of the client's symptoms and current level of functioning, followed by developing a treatment plan adapted to the client's needs.  Therapy sessions can be with the client-only, parent-only, or child/parent joint sessions.

Assessment.  A comprehensive evaluation for ADD / ADHD for children or adults.  This typically involves:

  Parent(s)-only session (2-3 hours)

  Client-only session (1-3 hours)

  Rating Forms completed by parent(s) (this takes approximately 1-2 hours)

  Rating Forms completed by teacher(s) (this takes approximately 1/2 hour to complete)

  Review of Records (e.g., IQ tests, academic grades, medical doctor reports)

  A comprehensive report provided to you 2-3 weeks after all assessments have been received by the evaluator

What Might Life Be Like for my Child with ADHD?

Paying Attention

For a child with ADHD, it can be very frustrating when it seems so easy for everyone else to pay attention in class, but for you, it's a struggle.

Child Experience

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