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Those with anxiety are

Those with anxiety are

Those with anxiety are

Those with anxiety are

Those with anxiety are

Those with anxiety are

Those with anxiety are

Those with anxiety are

So Brave

they are




refers to frequent feelings of being nervous or worried, the worry is keeping you from doing things you would otherwise want to do, and having difficulty controlling that nervousness or worry

Did You Know?

Being in a supportive environment, coupled with new skills to manage the discomfort can allow clients to feel in control of their anxiety.

Often, this involves:


Anxiety symptoms can be experienced as worrying about lots of things or worrying about just one thing or worries that happen in just one situation.


In children, anxiety can manifest as physical symptoms like difficulty swallowing or sore throat, belly aches or stomachaches, headaches, etc.


The feeling of discomfort that results from anxiety makes us want to escape, or leave the anxiety-provoking situation... but leaving can actually make the anxiety worse!

To reduce the discomfort from your body telling you to worry

Learning Different, More Accurate Thoughts

As a way to "talk back" to anxiety

Trying It Out!

In situations that only cause a little bit of anxiety or worry, so you can practice your new skills!

Learning New

Coping skills


Raising a child who exhibits anxiety can be stressful.  You may wonder if your child is shy, if their worries about separating from you is age-appropriate, or you may have questions about how to best provide consequences for a child with anxiety. We are here to help.

New research shows that working with parents of children with anxiety may be most useful in the child showing improvements in their symptoms! This may be an excellent option for kids who are very anxious in novel settings, like the therapy room.  See here  to read an overview about this research study.

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