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This is about YOU.

If you've read some other therapist's bios or pages, my guess is almost everyone says something about prioritizing your needs as a client.

So you may be thinking, how do you prioritize my needs? How are you different?

1.  We want to be fired.  Yes, I want you to fire me! I want you to come to therapy to gain skills. This means I expect you to take an active role in your therapy, gain important skills in improving your life, and get out!  I want therapy to be short-term.


2.  We provide you with empirically-based treatment and evaluations.  Research on mental health issues tells us what types of techniques are most effective for folks like you.  So we don't just implement techniques that are based on our intuition - we base it in science and facts.  Still, we individualize how and when we implement treatment techniques based on your needs.

3. We communicate with you / your child's other professional caregivers.

If you sign a release of information, we will communicate directly with you or your child's primary care physician, teachers, psychiatrists, etc.  This is in your best interest to ensure that all the professionals who are invested in you are on the same page.

4. We make therapy an experience, not just an obligation.  Therapy does not have to be a dreaded thing on your to-do list.  We like to make therapy fun and engaging, especially for child clients, as I strongly dislike hearing how much adults hated their therapy as a child. I am well trained to match your child's energy level! I have a number of fidget toys in my office as this helps some clients feel more comfortable or makes it easier for some clients to focus in session. 


When you are in therapy with me, you will also receive a "welcome" packet when you start therapy with us! This welcome packet includes a pen, a notebook for you (for you to take notes on what we discuss in therapy) and for your child, and a folder (to hold handouts and activities we engage in during therapy).  I also provide refreshments such as, candy, water, coffee and tea from France!







4. We tailor treatments towards your strengths.  Everyone comes to therapy with their own strengths. I really believe that you already have the foundation needed to be successful.  Instead of telling you that I will be teaching you new skills, I like to tell clients that whenever possible, I will work with you to expand upon the skills you already have in ways that will improve you or your child's daily functioning. This makes therapy a little less daunting.


5. We offer times that tend to be most convenient for families -- Evenings and weekends.  I've found this model to be particularly helpful for families with multiple children and for children who struggle academically. This way, they do not need to miss their classes and parents aren't left to choose between coming to therapy and going to class.

6.  We individualize our therapy and our evaluations.  What this means is we determine the treatment techniques and the assessment forms we use based on your specific needs. Your time is valuable and we don't want you filling out forms that you don't have to! 

7.  We focus on physical as well as mental manifestations of impairment.  Physical symptoms like pain, headaches, stomachaches, eating habits, and poor sleep can all negatively impact mental health.  We are uniquely trained to assess, address, and monitor these physical health concerns as part of our treatment on your mental health concerns.

8.  We focus on impairment, not symptoms.  Not all symptoms are bad or are causing impairments to our clients. Our goal is not to over-pathologize how you're feeling and what you're thinking! Therefore, we talk about what is impairing you and address those impairments.

9.  You are a person, not diagnosis!  There is so much more to you / your child than a checklist! You know yourself and your family best. You tell me what's working and what's not working for you.  I always tell clients that you are the expert on you and I am the expert on the techniques that we will use in therapy. In this way we work together on your journey to improved mental health.


If you're interested in finding more out about our services, feel free to go to our service page here​  or contact us here to make an appointment.


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