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Administrative Coordinator

Abbie, Admin

Hi, my name is Abbie and I am excited to be a part of the Center for Active Minds Team.  I will have the pleasure of talking with you if you need more information about the Center For Active Minds or are looking to become a new client of Dr. Sarah's.  You may also see me around the office.

I’m a writer with a passion for storytelling, meeting people, and trying new things. I grew up in southern Lancaster County and went to Millersville University for a BA in Writing Studies. After completing my undergraduate honors thesis, my goal is to study for an Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

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Favorite Superhero: Loki (I think he counts!)

Favorite Kids Book: Junie B Jones

Favorite Disney Princess: Tiana

Favorite Squishmallow: James the fox

Favorite Dinosaur: Sauroposeidon

Favorite Hobby: Crocheting plushies, which is called Amigurumi


LGBTQ+ Rights & Gender Justice:

Inaccurate Media Portrayals of Mental Health: The pro-anorexia, or “proana” movement, is a phenomenon that has grown online, predominantly among adolescent girls, to share and receive advice on disordered eating habits. Proana websites contain content known as “thinspiration,” or “thinspo,” which often includes walls of photos, lists of advice, and films for encouraging disordered habits and avoiding recovery. My thesis critically examines proana viewing material in light of the proana audience that may be viewing such material.
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Dr. Sarah
Founder, Psychologist, Therapist

Dr. Sarah, Therapist
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I am Dr. Sarah, and I created the Center for Active Minds based on the community's need for evidence-based service for children with ADHD.  I conduct evaluations for ADHD and Anxiety, and I am a therapist that works with children with ADHD or Anxiety and their parents.

What really ignited my passion for working with children and teens with ADHD was how much these kids lit up after I was able to show them how much potential they have.  I soon found that working with children with anxiety offered me the same reward -- these children who felt isolated and alone were able to do amazing things with some support and changes to their thinking, their feelings, and their environment.  I also noticed how frequently youth with ADHD also experienced anxiety symptoms -- these children did not want to act impulsively, or get in trouble at home or at school, but feared that it would happen that day and every day, then getting mad at themselves for being told they had weren't doing enough.


Early on in my career I realized that what motivates me is to help others feel good about themselves, because, let's be honest, there are not many times we are told "YOU are an amazing person" or that we deserve to be celebrated. I want to give that to people; I want to be your biggest supporter.


Favorite Superhero: Catboy

Favorite Kids Book: Magic Treehouse

Favorite Disney Princess: Cinderella

Favorite Squishmallow: Azizia the Stingray

Favorite Dinosaur: Brachiosaurus

Favorite Hobbies: Collecting quartz, geocaching, photography


Helping People Recognize Their Strengths, and Helping Them Feel Good about Themselves. When people work with me, they are often looking to address their child's behavior struggles by adapting their parenting techniques, or learning skills to help their child manage their frustration, or learning skills to help their child face their fears.  When clients and their parents work on those skills, then my services help clients learn they are not their diagnosis, and they are good, kind, and productive at their core. I LOVE helping people uncover and recognize THAT side to themselves or to their child.  

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