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The teen years are a time for much change.  Teenagers hit many milestones like having their first job,  first relationship, and starting to drive. They are able to be really creative and think outside  of the box. And you as the parent get to appreciate the person your teenager has become!


With this new found independence can come many new challenges.  Teens are wanting to assert their independence, and parents and wondering how much independence to give their teen.  This can result in conflicts between teens and parents. Parents can feel like they are losing their baby, and teens can feel like their parents don't understand.



From the teen's perspective, this is when they are learning how to balance their work, school work, social life, and home life. They can easily feel overwhelmed as this can be pretty stressful.  They are being exposed to new experiences, peer pressure, and are leaning on their friends more than they are coming to you for advice.  Their body is changing and sometimes they don't understand their emotions.  These experiences can lead teenagers to appear closed off from their parents and can lead to irritability and poor self-confidence. In turn, parents can feel helpless. 

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We can help you and your

teen navigate through these confusing and stressful times!  Our approach is to capitalize

on your teens's positive qualities to help create change.  Through different interventions, you can learn about the teenage mind, how to best interact with your teenager, build their confidence, and foster your relationship with them in the process.  

We help teenagers become more successful in every day life challenges by working with them to improve their self-esteem, reduce loneliness, organization skills, ability to set and achieve goals, reduce procrastination, manage feelings and adapt to stressful life events, and help them find their voice through assertiveness techniques. 

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