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In elementary and middle school, your child can communicate better using their words! They can express their emotions, they are learning how to make friends, and they are learning how to follow rules in the classroom. Some kids might even be learning their way to get around some rules!

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At these ages, children are exposed to lots of new things and may not exactly know what to do. Exposure to new things can cause your child to worry; worry about you, worry about their safety, worry about meeting new people, or worry about taking tests, for example.

Children at these ages are often egocentric, meaning that they are focused on what they want and can have a hard time seeing another perspective. Some children at this age test boundaries. Sometimes children have a hard time understanding exactly how they feel and act out when they are mad. 

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Through our services,

you and your child can

learn skills that can help create a more peaceful home environment, and a more successful school environment.

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