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Toddlers & Preschoolers

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Toddlers and Preschoolers are so much fun! They are developing their little personalities and learning so much, and you, their parent, are their favorite teacher! They are learning how to react to things happening in their world, at a very fast pace!

With all this fun can also come a lot of questions and can be a very anxiety-provoking time for parents that results in lots of questions.


My child doesn't like routine

My child's teacher is concerned.

Is this typical sibling behavior?

Is this NORMAL?

How much do I give in to my child's quirks and demands?

Is my child developing the right skills at the right time?

How should I respond to his/her behavior?

What do I do about temper tantrums?

Why is s/he throwing themselves on the floor?

My child doesn't listen to me! What can I do about it?

Does this mean I'm a bad parent?

Is my child too bossy?

W    C   n   H   l   !

e     a         e  p !

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Our therapy provides parents with an understanding of their child's specific learning style.  We provide arm parents with a toolbox of many skills that help them engage their child more effectively.  Parents often feel more confident in responding to their child's behaviors, and feel their family functions more smoothly as a result.

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