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Young Adults

Maybe you've wanted your independence for awhile now, or maybe you don't feel ready to be independent. Maybe you are feeling anxious in new situations or maybe you're adjusting to living on your own. Maybe you have a broken relationship with 

one or both of your parents, or maybe your parents are having a hard time letting you go.  Maybe you have thought you had anxiety, or ADHD, or depression for some time now, but you were afraid to tell anyone, or worse, no one believed you. Maybe you feel constantly overwhelmed, overcommitted, or unorganized and you really just need a break. Maybe college, or working a job that you thought you'd enjoy, is just not working out as you hoped it would right now. Maybe you feel like you're drifting away from your old friends or that you're hitting a rough patch in making new friends.

You need to know this: It's OK to feel this way and YOU'RE NOT ALONE. 


You may have your own

thoughts about what therapy looks like or what it is based on the views the adults in your life had about therapy, or maybe you "did therapy" when you were younger, and you had a bad experience. Or, maybe this is your first time looking into therapy and you're feeling overwhelmed or scared or excited.

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Sometimes it can feel as though we are viewing life through a lens that filters out all of the good stuff, leaving us to focus on the bad. 


Your therapist at Center for Active Minds will challenge you to become the best version of you there is. Therapy in this way tends to be a very empowering experience that gives you the tools you need to be successful in life.

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